Facts About Snowmobiling

Courtesy of Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club

2019 From Snowfest December 2019: “As we begin the 2019-20 snowmobile season, ISMA thought you might be interested in the following facts while you are preparing to go ride this season:

1) Snowmobilers come in all ages. The average snowmobiler, however, is 45 years old.

2) The average snowmobiler last season rode 1,500 miles (a 20% increase in ridership compared to 2018). The number of miles ridden, on average, is dependent on snow cover, so we will see if Mother Nature brings us more days of snow for riding this season.

3) Many snowmobilers belong to a club and participate in many of their club’s events. Clubs hold great riding events and become great friends. Join a club and have a great time.

4) About 50 percent of the people who snowmobile, trailer to their riding area. The other 50 percent ride from their home or cabin.

5) Snowmobiling is a family-friendly activity. Most of those responding to surveys report that they snowmobile with family and friends and with club members.

6) Snowmobilers are outdoor recreationists all year-around. Following is a list of recreational activities that snowmobilers participate in when they aren’t out riding: 60% go ATV riding; 57%  go camping; 54% go fishing; 53% go boating; 38% go hunting; 35% go hiking; 32% go motorcycle riding; 26% go golfing; 17% go personal watercraft riding; 15% go downhill skiing; 15% do other recreational activities. Yes, we are a year-round active group!

7) Approximately 78 percent of the snowmobilers are male. 8) Snowmobilers are a big part of the winter economic engine by spending an average of $3,349 each year going snowmobiling, traveling to their snowmobile spot, and for food, gas, and lodging.”




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