Mio-AuSable celebrated its homecoming with a 68-12 win over the Charlton Heston Academy Sept. 20.

King and queen were Phynix Rickett and Trevor Pellegrini

  • Photos by Mark Constance

Phynix Rickett and Trevor Pellegrini (homecoming king) walk past the bleachers prior to the ceremony.


Several hundred people turned out for the game, which saw the ‘Bolts defeat the Charlton Heston Academy 68-12.

Brendan Deflorio (back) hands off to Pete Socia in the second quarter.


Trevor Pellegrini congratulations River Waisanen on his touchdown reception. 

People from many of Mio’s former classes attended the event.


Class of 2021 representatives were Jaela Hoberton and Mason Daniels.

Banner carriers for the Class of 2021 were Katie Mitchell and Charles Lashley; behind is Brennon Mills and Tyra Berger.

Phynix Rickett was named homecoming queen.

Nash Rickett leans over the fence in front of the bleachers to get a better look.


Class of 2023 Banner carriers were Ty Wiggins (left) and Janel deGuzman; Trailing are Jared Larrison and Allura Gillard.


Class of 2020 banner carriers were Madison Dressler (left) and Hillary Perez.