NORTHERN MICHIGAN - In an effort to create new Registered Apprenticeship opportunities that will help address the skilled workforce talent gap, the Talent Investment Agency’s Workforce Development Agency recently awarded Michigan Works Region 7B Consortium $240,000.00 to increase United States Department of Labor (USDOL) apprenticeships in northern Michigan.  Michigan has over 18,000 active Registered Apprentices who are earning while learning, according to the USDOL.

 From an employer perspective, it is an opportunity to make an all-important investment in their workforce by training individuals in the skills they need to make their business successful, while, at the same time, creating a pipeline of talent that can continue to move up within the company as retirements occur. From a student perspective, they have little or no college tuition debt while learning and earning skills for jobs that pay an average salary of more than $60,000 per year.

Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium is partnering with Alpena Community College, Kirtland Community College, and Mid Michigan Community College to create an industry recognized credential for manufacturing that leads to a job as an USDOL apprentice. 

Angel Melendez, from Kalitta Air LLC, stated, “An industry recognized credential for a Manufacturing Apprenticeship Certification will provide the verification that those students have acquired a defined set of skills and knowledge.”

 This grant, supported by local employers like Weyerhauser, Kalitta Air LLC, Cooper Standard, and TNT Well Services, will enable employers a talent pool to hire qualified individuals for apprenticeships that will already have much of the required related training instruction paid for and complete. 

“It’s really an incredible opportunity for employers to create and expand apprenticeships,” Mark Berdan, Executive Director of Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium, said. 

For more information call Natasha Allen at 989-426-8571