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Hunting in Michigan for deer during archery of firearm season requires good preparation. Hunting on public land or private land preparation is the key ingredient to success. Michigan State University Extension believes the key ingredients to successful harvesting are to find water, food and shelter that deer need to survive. Keeping these three necessities in mind you need to find those areas that have a reputation for having a high success rate and a large deer population. Beforehand, learn the hunting regulations in the specific area you are exploring.

Scouting no longer starts simply by walking through the woods. Scouting for water, shelter and food can begin in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer. Using different satellite imagery websites such as Goggle Earth you can narrow down the areas that you want to physically scout. This method of scouting has saved me a considerable amount of time, energy and money. I highly recommend that you select an area that you would like to hunt and take a few minutes to scout using the internet. Once you have located the areas in which you would like to hunt on via the internet you can now do your scouting on foot. There are some additional scouting tools that I like to have when I am scouting a new area on foot. A GPS unit, a map, a water proof marker, a range finder and a good pair of binoculars are the tools that can provide a successful scouting trip, time after time. Give yourself plenty of time to scout an area, block out a day to explore the outdoors. This time is an investment in your successful harvesting of a Michigan white-tail deer.

There are, however, a few important things to remember before you head out on you hunting excursion. First, develop a checklist of equipment, materials and supplies that are required to have a safe and fun filled experience. Then you need to check the hunting equipment that you have against your list to assist in making the proper purchases, if any are needed at all.

Getting our bows and firearms out to clean them for our hunting trips is only the beginning. A nice clean and shining piece of equipment is useless unless you can use it properly and effectively. This requires plenty of practice. Find a shooting range close to you and go more than once in order to sharpen your skills to insure that your equipment is operating correctly. I strongly recommend shooting from different distances and elevations if at all possible. You have done your scouting so you should know the terrain that you will be hunting and the various shooting scenarios that exist. Good hunting, good luck and most of all…be safe!

Source; Author: Gary Williams, Michigan State University Extension


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