Photo and interviews by Melissa Howard

Billie Jo Ludwig

HALE - Billie Jo Ludwig works at Big Bob's  Restaurant in Hale She said the best part of her job is, "The people ... especially the regulars, some of whom come in in the morning and in the afternoon, before close ... That's what makes it wonderful to come in to work, to see their faces. She adds “We hear lots of stories and we keep up on the local gossip.”

Tasha Karn

HALE - Tasha Karn works at Bernard Building Center in Hale.

What she likes most about her job is the small town family feel. She said “You know the customers, you know their stories, and you can build that relationship and you can work one on one with them, and truly know what they need to design their house and make it the home they truly want."

Dawn Hall

PRESCOTT- Dawn Hall was just starting her day, at The Flippin' Frog. When asked what she liked most about her job, she said “getting to know new people, and hearing everybody's story. There are so many different characters that come in here. During the day time, there's a bunch of older people. Some who are retired, some are vets. When you let them tell their stories, it makes them feel like they get to relive that time in their life and it makes them feel good...The world has changed so much for them, and I think that a lot of them are scared, and not as comfortable as they were at that time. I also like to hear how they ended up here.”