BELLAIRE - February is for lovers and a couple of trail lovers grew close when promoting and working on the trail. 

Their love grew strong and eventually Jerry Allen, the founding member and President of the Jordan Valley 45° Chapter of the North Country Trail Association, found not only the right paths to take through the woods but also the path into the hart of his future wife, Connie’s  They got married that very fall in a private ceremony and later celebrated their relationship among friends and family at the awe inspiring Landslide Creek Overlook in the Jordan River Valley.

If you love the outdoors or love someone who does, consider joining Jerry, Connie and all of us for the North Country Trail Association’s Annual Celebration. We will celebrate the nation’s longest National Scenic Trail and all those who helped bring it to us.  The North Country Trail is one of Michigan’s (and the Nations)  best kept secrets - that we would love to share and get more people excited about. -.

So join us and check out Landslide Creek, and the many other adventures available in your backyard along the North Country Trail.

The Annual  celebration will be held May 2-5 at Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire, MI. There are plenty of hikes and activities planned for the whole family l to enjoy.  For more information about the Celebration and  to sign up visit:


Jordan Valley facts:
1. Jordan Valley 45° Chapter Founded in 1998
2. Jerry Allen (the Jerry in the story) was the founder of the chapter.
3. Jerry was the first President
4. The current president of the Jordan 45° chapter:  Mary Campbell
5. Jerry and Connie's public ceremony was on Jun 12, 2000 (private ceremony was November 24th, 1999)
6. our celebration is the North Country Trails National Celebration we've been calling it "halfway there" because the Lower Peninsula of Michigan contains the halfway point among all seven states that the trail passes through.  Additionally our chapter the Jordan Vally 45° cares for the only section that crosses the 45th parallel.
7.  We hold the National celebration in the LP about once every 8 years (it moves through each of our seven states and the UP.  and it is right in our back yard.
8.  The old chapter name was the Tittabawassee Chapter
9.  The NCT is currently over 4,600 miles in length stretching from North Dakota through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.
10.  The NCT was designated as a National Scenic Trail by Congress in 1980
11.  The NCT is 1 of 11 National Scenic Trails including the famous Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trails.