WHITTEMORE-PRESCOTT - In the fall of 2016, four Whittemore-Prescott (W-P) alumni, Keith Charters (1959), Denny Fuerst (1960), Gary Gillings (1963) and John Kulhavi (1960), arranged to meet with W-P superintendent, Joe Perrera, to discuss the possibility of creating an education foundation to serve their alma mater.

During this meeting, there was considerable discussion related to how to raise funds for this endeavor and how best to assure that these funds were professionally managed. A review of options led to the WPEF board conducting meetings with Christine Hitch, representing the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan (CFNEM) headquartered in Alpena.

The WPEF is pleased to be affiliated with the CFNEM which oversees the investment of their funds for a sound combination of principle and growth. WPEF board member and Alpena Community College graduate, Denny Fuerst, recently visited the CFNEM headquarters to discuss their mutually beneficial relationship.

Donations can be made to the WPEF by going to WPEdFoundation.com and clicking on ‘donate’ to get a donation form. Be assured that your donations will be well managed and used for the enhancement of educational opportunities for students at Whittemore-Prescott.