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  • New Beginnings or Just Another Pledge? New Year Resolutions 2019
  • Toad’s Stool
    Hello friends, welcome to November! Now this here is one very special month, first there is Veterans Day then there is the Marine Corps Birthday (Semper Fi my brothers) then on down the month a bit is Thanks Giving followed shortly by...yes you guessed it, the cherry on top, my birthday! Four national holidays all packed into one month WOW!
  • Toad's Stool ~ Autumn harvest and Fall Colors
    Hello friends and welcome to Toad's Stool. It is just so hard to believe that another month has passed us by and here it is October. Fall colors are sure later than usual. I normally gauge the turning of the leaves by my mothers and my wife's birthdays, September 14 and 28. By the fourteenth each year several Maples have usually changed and by the twenty-eighth most of the trees are colored, but this year things are a bit slower. Well except for the passing of time which seems to be flying
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