I just started in politics so I'm not an old hand. I am sure things have to be done according to a set of rules.

If there is a notification that needs to be sent, it should be done in a way that you know it arrived.

We have a problem. There is not enough money to cover the 911 service. There was an advisory board set up to discuss 911 issues. It was made up of the state police, sheriff, West Branch police, two 911 operations persons, the EMS, a commissioner, a few people added at the last minute and myself.

That committee was considered to be negotiations as to how much money they would charge the townships for the unfunded portion of 911.

It would seem to me that the townships are less represented on that committee than the people involved with running it.

It costs thousands more for 911 to be run by an authority than to be run under the supervision of the commissioners. Whether you trust them or not, money collected for 911 can only legally be spent on 911 services.

I was the only no vote on 911 becoming an authority. I believe we shouldn't make another layer of government that costs more money.

If it becomes an authority, county employees will transfer to it, with their retirement. The ballot issue is good for 5 years. If it is not renewed will those employees transfer back to the county? If so who will pay their retirement?

I was told, by law, that a 911 authority must have state police, Fire Department, and sheriff on the board. It is a 5 person board, so where are the people represented on such a board? I believe that the State 911 board that operates under those rules.

If the people of the townships begin to fill holes in county budgets, where will it end? If it is 11 grand this year, will it be 22 grand next year? I was not actually shocked to find out that they had been looking at reserve funds that are in township coffers. It makes sense for townships to have a rainy day fund. One thing is we can't just spend money from designated accounts on whatever the board chooses. There are rules. For instance, the fire equipment fund must be spent on fire equipment.

I work for the people of Mills Township. I am not an employee of the commissioners. The people of the township expect us to spend their money only when the bill arrives through the proper channels in the proper way.

Shall we just capitulate and allow our reserve monies to be used until we are all bankrupt?

David Ryan