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  • “Nothing To Watch On TV? “
  • View From The Comfy Chair
    On rare occasion, I wake up early in the morning before the alarms get to me. At my home the alarms are three wagging tails beating on the dresser, heavy breathing, panting in my face, yucky smell, kind of like when Robert Duvall yells out in Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of dog breath in the morning!”
  • View From The Comfy Chair
    I have been feeling a grumpy lately, very unusual for me. I generally am a very positive person; happy to a have a glass half full cause it’s better than empty. I love every day that God gives me to live on this earth. I enjoy the little things in life, a fresh cup of morning coffee, watching the sunrise come up after a good nights sleep. There is something quite beautiful about the sound of a soft rain in the spring.
  • Halloween Leftover Candy Trove!
    As I settled into my “Comfy Chair” for a well-deserved afternoon nap, I reflected upon my very successful day! First, I woke up a 6 a.m. feeling a little groggy from eating a ton of leftover Halloween candy the night before, made coffee, fed the dogs, fed myself a wonderful breakfast of eggs & fresh bagel, coffee, and honey and cinnamon on the last bite of bagel. It was truly a tummy busting but healthy breakfast.
  • View From The Comfy Chair ~ Looking Inside

    I was enjoying a “Power Nap” in my comfy chair when my wife shook me awake, which is tough enough, and then she gave me some dreaded news.

    “Joel, this letter came today. You have to go in for a colonoscopy.”

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