The Community Support Team was founded in 1996, by a group of citizens who wanted to help members of our Community assist those without medical insurance or with limited resources when facing catastrophic illness. The Team has helped many people since it was founded. They are able to help people with gas, hotel expenses and other medical needs they may be faced with.

Pete Jackson, spokesperson, said, “The team has been involved in fund raising and support for many years and it is the Team’s mission to continue this vital involvement. We strive to take those suffering under our wing and ‘get the ball rolling'. Many hands make light work".

It also gives much needed emotional support and therapy to the person who has fallen ill.

Our motto is ‘People Helping People’ supporting a healthier, kinder community”.

Local events held to help support the team include Comedy Night the first Thursday in November at Coco Cabanas and All Wheels Night at Coco Cabanas every Tuesday starting the end of May and going through the 1st week of September. It can be motorcycles, Jeeps or cars, all are welcome. Come out and enjoy the fun to support a local Charity.